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How audioname has helped others

Photo of Bob McGaughey

Bob McGaughey
Portland Attorney

"My name can seem difficult to pronounce. With Audioname, potential clients are more willing to call me."
Photo of Matthew Kushinka

Matthew Kushinka
Principal, RedLine Language Services LLC

"As someone with a last name that people find difficult to pronounce, Audioname is very useful for my website visitors (esp foreign-born English speakers). Thanks for developing it!"
Photo of Teige Weidner

Teige Weidner
on Job Hunting

"I was having very little luck job hunting. The week after I put Audioname on my Linked in profile, I got four call backs from four different recruiters... all of them pronounced my name correctly!"
Photo of Lakshmi Jagannathan

Lakshmi Jagannathan
Executive Director, TiE Oregon

"People don't wince when they try to pronounce my name anymore, and I don't have to politely let them off the hook."

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